Francesco Campanella


Hello there, and welcome to my place!

I am a young composer who is just starting communicating his work to the public.

I have practiced mostly piano for several years until about the age of 14, when I started playing electric guitar.

I love any kind of music, but I am naturally inclined towards classical music. However, I am not so found of the classical, purely mechanical instruments, but rather prefer the modern electrical instruments. In addition to that, I prefer fewer instruments to a 60 people orchestra, therefore more like a medium sized band of maximum about 10 people.

I am currently working on my first album, of which a demo will be out very soon.

I hope you will enjoy my work.

Francesco Campanella

New in blog

First demo is out!

News 16.05.2015

The demo I announced before is finally out! Keep in mind that this is just a demo, and it doesn't include all the bars. I am hoping to get some feedback that I will use to tune up my work. Enjoy!

Early Inventions demo about to come out!

News 09.05.2015

I am happy to tell you that the demo for the album has been submitted and is now waiting for approval, so it will be out very soon!

Early Inventions

Article 09.05.2015

I would like to annouce the forthcoming of a new album, titled "Early Inventions". A demo of the album will be posted soon, so that you can get an idea of how the music sounds like. I hope you'll enjoy it. FC